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Achieving Quantifiable Results Through Expert Knowledge, Planning & Execution


msi Global Business Solutions is a leading professional services and resource management company focused on providing project consulting, engineering and technical support services to growth organizations operating in the mining & natural resources, renewable energy, agribusiness, and infrastructure & utilities industries.

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Business Consulting

Competition in today’s business world is ever demanding. Companies require constant trending of their financial performance and productivity.

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Project Management

Our multi-disciplined project management group utilizes a “best practice” structured approach in the delivery of safe, timely and cost-effective projects of varying complexity across a myriad of different industries.

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Capital Resource Management

Our commercial expertise includes helping organizations obtain the necessary capital to fund critical projects.

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Supply chain management & logistics

Our supply chain & logistics experts help clients streamline & integrate major business functions & processes into cohesive, high performing operating models.

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Commercial Management

We help clients achieve value creation by identifying and developing strategic business opportunities which clearly differentiate them from their competitors, providing them with a clear advantage in their sector.

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Case Studies

In addition to providing highly measurable cost and service benefits to our global corporate clients and project management assignments, we act as trusted advisors, providing ongoing strategic direction and guidance based on the changing project requirements of their businesses.

The following client success stories are examples of ways in which msi Global Business Solutions maximizes value to its clients.

Goal: To ensure commodity value is not lost through offtake negotiations & contracting


Lack of in-house offtake commercial and commodity experience

Story: An industrial company building a major minerals processing facility was in discussions with an international offtake partner. The company lacked an experienced commercial manager with long term offtake contract experience.…
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Goal: Scoping Study - Meaningful market data & analysis for for new project development


Lack of in-house commercial and commodity experience

Story: A mining company embarked on a scoping study to determine that its conceptual project warranted proceeding to a pre-feasibility study. While the company had technical expertise in-house it lacked an…
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More Successes

Industries Served

msi Global Business Solutions operates in the following sectors:

  • Mining & Natural Resources
  • Infrastructure & Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agribusiness
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