Market Entry Strategy into Renewable Energy Sector


Market Entry Strategy – No experience or understanding of the market sector and how best to position itself.


A large corporation with a strong brand and millions of household customers engaged our services to determine how best to leverage their position to develop new opportunities in a new sector.

Our role was to investigate and establish different strategies and to implement the chosen method by the corporation. This involved examining the potential of acquisition, partnerships or becoming a new market participant company. It also examined the potential of acquisition, partnership or development of new products in the renewable energy sector.

The focus for this client was on solar, solar hybrid options and solar plus battery storage options at a range of sizes from household to community scale to utility scale.


The scoping studies were completed successfully with accurate and appropriate market and opportunity information, with the company proceeding to a full strategy implementation, who now have an extremely successful business unit operating in the renewable energy sector. This was supported by msi through the full life-cycle to implementation.