Reducing power costs at the client’s remote, off-grid operations.


Off-Grid Operations – No access to connected gas or electricity for the site, and completely reliant on trucked diesel as fuel supply for power generation. Lack of in-house knowledge of renewable energy technologies and the commercial opportunities for their implementation.


A mining company were looking to reduce their power generation costs by examining their options to potentially adopt renewable energy technologies for their site operations. To date the site was powered 100% by diesel fired generation. The client had heard a lot of talk about the potential of solar power for the mining sector but did not have any trusted advisor with the relevant knowledge of both mining operations and renewable energy.

Our role was to:

  • Off-set as much diesel use as possible integrating renewable energy if/when commercially viable
  • Structure several business case options for the client
  • Advise internally to the client on technology, supplier and system options
  • Develop and run a contractor tender process and project manage the selection and implementation

The company recently finalized their selection of provider of a diesel/battery/solar system for the mine site which will dramatically reduce their diesel consumption on site when integrated.