Grid-Connected Mining Sector Client adopting Renewable Energy Technology


Renewable Energy Technology – Lack of in-house knowledge of renewable energy technologies and the commercial opportunities for their implementation. Lack of energy market knowledge and understanding of potential options.


A mining company were looking to reduce their energy costs by examining their options to potentially adopt renewable energy technologies for their site operations. Along with cost, both reliability and environmental considerations were important aspects for the client.

Our role was to:

  • Examine the client’s existing energy costs, tariff structures and load data
  • Examine existing contracts
  • To suggest a number of options on how, and what types, or renewable energy could be potentially integrated ‘behind the meter’

The company successfully integrated a renewable technology system on site at their operation which reduced their overall power bill by over 30%. They also negotiated an improved supply contract with an alternative retail company. msi supported them as their in-house consultant through the negotiation implementation phases.